Unsuspecting [adjective]

Definition of Unsuspecting:


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Sentence/Example of Unsuspecting:

After dinner the Little Doctor spoke to the unsuspecting critics.

She had been generous, and unsuspecting, and for this she was betrayed and abandoned.

Like my father, I was open, guileless, unsuspecting—and it destroyed me.

Recklessly, then, that unsuspecting fellow stepped into the trap.

For this you cultivated the good graces of an unsuspecting old man.

Unsuspecting, the amorous Marto followed the old man into the room prepared.

Her nobility made it a condition of her mind to be unsuspecting.

Grantline with his treasure, unsuspecting this brigand ship.

Have we not a registered catalogue of all the knaveries that have ever been practised on the unsuspecting?

Upon my word, he was too unsuspecting; he was not fair game.