Unsustainable [adjective]

Definition of Unsustainable:

not able to be supported in the future

Synonyms of Unsustainable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsustainable:

Sentence/Example of Unsustainable:

This, no doubt, is unsustainable ultimately, if reason is ever to emerge from them.

But this last plea was said by the American representative to be unsustainable.

The use, therefore, which was made of the resolutions on Mr. Duffy's trial was false and unsustainable in every point of view.

An unsustainable suit for wages, on the part of a British pilot, for navigating a foreign ship to an enemy's port.

But she was crying dreadfully; and he was proving to her some new and unsustainable theory of bacilli.

But our soul's arches underfit into its; and so, prevent the upper arch from falling on us with unsustainable inscrutableness.

If this is unsustainable, there is nothing finally in his Metaphysics of Will to necessitate the pessimistic conclusion drawn.