Unswerving [adjective]

Definition of Unswerving:


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Sentence/Example of Unswerving:

In it were expressed sorrow, indignation, pity, and unswerving loyalty.

His plans were carried out with an unswerving tenacity of purpose.

And yet in the fundamentals of character and conduct he must be unswerving.

As such they deserve our profoundest respect; our unswerving obedience.

He was a man of prudence and deliberation, and of unswerving decision.

His unswerving belief in the beneficence of God was most beautiful, most touching.

He met the glance with one as earnest and unswerving as her own.

Quiet men were sometimes the most desperate, the most unswerving, she realized.

They were faithful to their families and unswerving in their duty to their country.

Through his whole life he was the unswerving friend of the Bourbons.