Unsymmetrical [adjective]

Definition of Unsymmetrical:

bumpy, uneven

Synonyms of Unsymmetrical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsymmetrical:

Sentence/Example of Unsymmetrical:

When leaves are unsymmetrical, like the begonias, the pattern is unsymmetrical also.

We have learnt to write "asymmetry," but not to avoid "unsymmetrical."

Unsymmetrical, that is, when the circles of the flower or some of them differ in the number of their members.

The increase in goods of different kinds is, of course, unsymmetrical.

Thirteenth century and unsymmetrical—you must remember that.

Another scheme, proposed by Gravier, employed the unsymmetrical form shown in fig. 226.

Its head is small and unsymmetrical, above a trunk that often rises free from limbs for fifty feet above ground.

These consist of ladle-shaped vessels, and of bowls or basins with rectangular, oval, or unsymmetrical outlines.

It is of rude unglazed earthenware, and is unsymmetrical, as represented here.

Trachea of the males with a transverse, bony, unsymmetrical dilatation at the inferior larynx.