Untainted [adjective]

Definition of Untainted:


Opposite/Antonyms of Untainted:


Sentence/Example of Untainted:

He saw in her the same beauty of untainted innocence he had known in his youth.

If I ask for blood it is for untainted, not what you call high blood.

He is untainted by the ungenial formality of our German professors.

Your blood is that of the Castriots, and untainted by Moslem touch.

His piety is as untainted as his purity; it is the maiden-service of a maiden-saint.

This is, that they be fattened on untainted meat, placed in the sand-box into which they fall.

The blood that flows through my veins is noble and untainted!

Untainted by the lust of killing, he killed only when the need was upon him.

It shows that the majority of people in the higher walks of life are untainted.

He seems to have been not untainted with the vices of the age.