Untamed [adjective]

Definition of Untamed:


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Sentence/Example of Untamed:

He seemed to have a wild, shy look, like the offspring of an untamed, animal.

Even Hagar drew back a pace, hardy as was her untamed spirit.

Good that these untamed passions should be allowed full sway.

The poor children there were street waifs and as wild as untamed animals.

The effect of all this on an untamed savage can be imagined.

Untamed, untraveled, mysterious by day as by night, they threaten as they beckon.

Something in her nature, fierce and untamed, leaped forth to meet the tempest.

Paradise hid in the untamed island, breathing dew and spice.

It was not a blustering, headlong, scolding, untamed tongue.

These are all barbarians and their songs are of the untamed wilderness.