Untapped [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Untapped:

It was therefore fair to say that the mineral wealth of the country was untapped.

We need an awakening to the untapped power and possibilities of human nature.

There you have it—roommate-ware for homeless people, a great and untapped market.

To the Allies only the untapped resources of America remained.

All other information relating to the Nipe went through special channels known to be untapped by the Nipe.

With it there has been growing the further conviction that poverty, in the midst of untapped resources, is a national crime.

Taking each a bundle of spiles and an ax, the boys set out for the part of the sugar bush as yet untapped, and began their work.

That smile carried a live consciousness of untapped power, of the record he and his comrades had made.

Yet a torturing surmise sometimes haunts me: may not untapped soul possibilities exist?