Untaught [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Untaught:

It describes a man standing in his own right and working after untaught methods.

Virgins, untaught to love or to dissemble, lifted adoring eyes.

Thou art simple yet great; untaught thyself, thou art the teacher of all.

Bewick and he are alike in temper; only the one is untaught, the other perfectly taught.

No wonder that it should burn in the bosom of an untaught Indian.

She was wholly absorbed in her study of this unworldly and untaught nature.

All my world was with the King; I, who stood alone, was but a woman, young and untaught.

To that purpose it is adapted when the hearers are untaught, untrained, and unreflecting.

She paused with untaught delicacy, for she reflected that he was her husband.

Barbarous and untaught she was like her comrades, but of a gentle nature.