Untenable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Untenable:

Calendar surrendered an untenable position as gracefully as could be wished.

Without it, Pete's claim would be so vague as to be untenable.

Have the distressed defenders of this untenable Citadel any such?

The thought that He suffered through fear of death is untenable.

But he dismissed the notion as untenable and absurd on second thoughts.

She had sent for Van Busch to tell him that the position was untenable.

Then when you found a part of your theory was untenable you rejected the whole of it.

This hypothesis, however, seems quite as untenable as that of Pennant.

The doctrine "Labour is the only source of wealth" is untenable and absurd.

The theory of a migration by Behring's straits, is untenable.