Untenanted [adjective]

Definition of Untenanted:

empty; unoccupied

Synonyms of Untenanted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Untenanted:

Sentence/Example of Untenanted:

From the knoll where he stood he could see every inch of that hollow and it was untenanted.

It had been untenanted for a good while and was in rather bad repair.

All he craved was the country, and a whole lot of it, with untenanted roads.

The Heathcotes had gone to Rome for the winter, and the Villa was shut up and untenanted.

The trolley-car that met his train was rusty, paintless, forlorn, untenanted.

The old man led them to a building which had served as a stable, but which was then untenanted.

It can't be possible that we have come ashore on an untenanted island?

Since their arrival in the parish the splendid Jacobean Hall had been untenanted.

He passed them, and entered the dining-room, which was untenanted.

The two, with their mules, form a tableau in front of the untenanted dwelling.