Unthinking [adjective]

Definition of Unthinking:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unthinking:

Sentence/Example of Unthinking:

On his back was the offspring of unthinking parents—a pin-head.

He was sanguine in all his hopes, and rapid, but not unthinking, in all his decisions.

This, a sad certainty told him, was love, the love that is unthinking.

A thing of instinct—the unthinking stillness of a scared brute.

With many of our unthinking classes it is the "mourn" which they enjoy in the sermons.

A life of pleasure, of absolute uselessness, of unthinking selfishness.

Thus spoke Minerva, and she persuaded his mind for him, unthinking one.

An unthinking calm, complete and vibrant, wrapped him in an embrace.

The accident came from a gun in the hands of an unthinking sportsman.

They have many ways of inveigling the artless and unthinking.