Untidiness [noun]

Definition of Untidiness:


Synonyms of Untidiness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Untidiness:


Sentence/Example of Untidiness:

Books were strewn here and there, but there was no slovenliness or untidiness; and, ha!

"I'll leave this untidiness for your man to clear," said Kitson.

In spite of her untidiness, we all liked her, for she was always good company.

For heaven's sake forgive the untidiness of this whole note.

Ela was thinking deeply, and frowning at the untidiness of the table.

Perhaps it's the haste that makes the June-bug's untidiness.

No untidiness there; all so carefully, thoughtfully arranged.

Ladies were always sensitive about untidiness, and, of course, the room was untidy.

Had Clare never got into a row for untidiness in her own young days?

It shows itself in many habits of recklessness, wastefulness, and untidiness.