Until [preposition]

Definition of Until:

just before

Synonyms of Until:

Opposite/Antonyms of Until:


Sentence/Example of Until:

Since he went to Salamis in search of you, I have not seen him until late this evening.

The silence remained unbroken, until Paralus asked for music.

Will you take care of some money for me until I get a chance to deposit it in the savings bank?

Not until five o'clock had he by turns urged and fought himself to the ferry.

Until that ecstasy of release should come, he would do his duty,—yes, his duty.

He went on until the sun was low in the west and all the sky was rimmed with color.

Until then, however, you had better come into the house with Miss Dean and me.

And we'll say nothing to Dick until we've got it all in black and white.

It was not until the brief session of 1847, that he appeared again in Parliament.

It's Bill that bled me, and bled me until I've had to soak a mortgage on the ranch.