Untilled [adjective]

Definition of Untilled:

not cultivated

Synonyms of Untilled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Untilled:

Sentence/Example of Untilled:

I have read the expostulations of Mr. Finck about the untilled fields of Chopin.

There were no fences at all by the road side now, and the land was rough and untilled.

It has been an overlooked and in a great measure an untilled field.

Vineyards are untilled, olives unpruned, for lack of labourers.

It took us about an hour to cross this untilled and unfenced strip.

Acres spread their untilled bosoms, while the nations rise and fall.

I only indicate how large a portion of this explanatory field is yet untilled.

The wars had left them poor, untilled, in a wretched condition.

Otherwise her mind, by no means a poor one, lay fallow and untilled.

Untilled breadths of prairie round about begin to show scars.