Untimely [adjective]

Definition of Untimely:


Opposite/Antonyms of Untimely:

Sentence/Example of Untimely:

All untimely bereavement is, of course, not of the nature of the above illustration.

Therefore, I dismiss the fear of untimely separation from my appointed work.

He seems to have wished the world to accept this version of his untimely marriage.

Were he to die while I am speaking, we could not pronounce it an untimely death.

Our lamb was black: and at the hour of his untimely death a storm was coming up.

He had been the pet of the family for a long time, but he came to an untimely end.

They took a first prize, but two of them have since come to an untimely end.

Sometimes it may ruin a man; not because it is a joke, but because it is untimely.

My visit was—well, timely, or untimely, whichever way you regard it.

That is abortive that is untimely, that has not been borne its full time, that is immature.