Untiring [adjective]

Definition of Untiring:

determined, persevering

Opposite/Antonyms of Untiring:

Sentence/Example of Untiring:

So they went to work, each in his own way, agreeing mostly in untiring industry.

The only fault that could be found with her was that her devotion was too complete, her service too untiring.

Her interest once excited, Sybella Kellett's zeal was untiring.

One becomes an Arahat by a life of strenuous and untiring discipline.

Strenuous, untiring efforts for years have been made to unravel this Lanier web.

He was second to none in religious zeal, and untiring in effort.

Their faith could best be gaged by obedience and untiring service.

He pursued it with untiring and intelligent devotion for thirty years.

The enemy knew not what was coming, but their watch was untiring.

We had fruit, we had flowers, all the result of Peggy's untiring, providing hand.