Untitled [adjective]

Definition of Untitled:

unknown, anonymous

Synonyms of Untitled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Untitled:

Sentence/Example of Untitled:

They are the untitled and undistinguished mass of the English people.

However, whether he was a baron or an untitled man, he merits a share of admiration.

It is my impression, from an inspection of the book, that we are the first untitled visitors.

In 1480 the untitled letrados became a majority in this body.

The majority of the images in this book are untitled, and are 'in context' with where they are placed.

She equally shrunk from untitled opulence and indigent nobility.

The Phillips family justly rank among the untitled aristocracy of Massachusetts.

Human life itself is holy; so are the commonplace duties of the untitled household and factory saints.

The highest offices of the various states are often found in possession of untitled men, or men with newly created titles.

There are three great divisions, of which the first comprises a Funeral March, and an untitled Allegro in vehement motion.