Untouchable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Untouchable:

That you have graciously touched this untouchable Shudra is the proof of your mercy and that of Srvabhauma.

The Siamese describe the soul as consisting of some strange matter, invisible and untouchable.

I may have forgotten to tell you that nearly all of her funds are in untouchable trusts—not in bonds.

The devil's club of Alaska is untouchable, it is so encased in a spiny armor; but what purpose the armor serves is a mystery.

Even to Captain Renfrew black men were dehumanized,—shrouded, untouchable creatures.

It stood, white in the floodlights, beautiful and untouchable in the darkness.

"Can't deny that," he said, watching the branches of the Untouchable Bush draw away as they walked through it.

So meticulous, so spotless, so untouchable are they that the soul of the seeker nearly sickens for want of spice and flavor.

An aura of coldness and power emanated from him—a sense of untouchable hauteur.

Each song had its own peculiarity and sentiment to touch the public pulse, which so far has been untouchable.