Untrammeled [adjective]

Definition of Untrammeled:


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Sentence/Example of Untrammeled:

You, men, are untrammeled and stand a better chance of success than I do.

Into the depths of the untrammeled forest with unguided steps I wandered.

Besides, that gives us both one last, untrammeled season in town.

He may be untrammeled by convention, but he is clean and brave.

Persecutions ceased and the work was allowed to go on untrammeled.

The position is little or big, restricted or untrammeled, just as you make it.

It is an untrammeled Sound, uncultivated, only a little civilized.

With his life free and untrammeled he might yet find the truth.

They were untrammeled, therefore, as to their hours and habits.

They were untrammeled by any foolish fashions, or demands of dress.