Untraveled [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Untraveled:

Foreigners were things which in his untraveled, unlettered ignorance he despised.

Then he had been a youth, green, untraveled, eager to get away from home.

Untamed, untraveled, mysterious by day as by night, they threaten as they beckon.

What a feat of engineering that bridge once seemed to our untraveled souls!

Along the edge just a stretch of sand, untraveled, greeted them.

Of two untraveled paths, it is wisest to take that which is known to be safe.

But, if unintroduced the untraveled can not know what life upon the ocean is.

Our essayist is thus seen not to be untraveled, yet he is no wanderer.

The real, untraveled Spanish mind has little idea of true wit: of satire and burlesque, yes; of inoffensive joke or pun, none.

Route originally meant a road broken through a new and untraveled section of country.