Untroubled [adjective]

Definition of Untroubled:

calm, peaceful

Synonyms of Untroubled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Untroubled:

Sentence/Example of Untroubled:

Calm and untroubled lies his nephew there, in pleasant dreams.

We, in his spirit, have looked on this storm for years untroubled.

He had all that heart could wish for, and was untroubled by any work.

Behind them, in the untroubled night, Delphin led Margot home.

He sought her with a quiet conscience, untroubled by a fear.

Yet in her badness she was frank, natural and untroubled as a child.

Then we may possess the untroubled mind, a treasure too rich to be computed.

But with a faith, untroubled by abuse,That honors those who put the rest to shame!

How many of us can say that our consciences are so untroubled as that?

How could he be more free than he was, untroubled, doubtless, by even the thought of her?