Untwisted [verb]

Definition of Untwisted:

come apart; unwind

Synonyms of Untwisted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Untwisted:

Sentence/Example of Untwisted:

But the chain was stretched straight and stiff as a lance,—she could not untwist it.

We found at last that we could untwist the stiffly clinging wire.

Untwist one of the warp threads and one of the filling threads.

To untwist, to unlay ropes; to teaze, to convert it into oakum.

He tried to shake her off, untwist her hands; she clung to him like a leech.

Pull the fabric apart, untwist the fibers to see if cotton is present.

It doubles and twists itself together, in the vain effort to untwist.

They then untwist in the same manner, singing, "Twine the garland, girls!"

The stick was then tied so that it could not untwist, and they were ready for the next move.

I lutined their hair so nicely for them that when they woke they could not untwist it, and had to cut it off!