Unusable [adjective]

Definition of Unusable:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unusable:

Sentence/Example of Unusable:

She is ballasted with utilities; not altogether with unusable pig-lead and kentledge.

The second part of this definition is, of course, unusable for beginners.

One can hardly say that any combination of notes is unusable.

There is so little chance to wash towels that they soon get unusable.

And there it all lies now—unused and unusable for ever—of no earthly service to any one—just like the ruins left by a fire.

A moment later, when the copper-stick itself was wanted, it was unusable, and there was no other at hand.

Even an old fowl which is unusable in any other way makes excellent broth.

The library would be unusable anyway, while the walls and ceiling were being repaired.

Hydrochloric acid in particular will rust them so badly in a single night as to make them unusable unless they are repolished.

Savile tunnel was blown in in several places, and the Company Headquarters completely cut off and unusable.