Unusualness [noun]

Definition of Unusualness:

wonderful, surprising event or thing

Synonyms of Unusualness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unusualness:

Sentence/Example of Unusualness:

The diffidence of his tone proved startling to her by virtue of its unusualness.

In fact, he had begun by giving them some warning as to what they might expect in the way of unusualness.

The dead silence of the house added to the unusualness of things.

Before him he saw a scene which was almost weird in its unusualness.

There was an unusualness in him which impressed and irritated her simultaneously.

His face expressed no sense of the unusualness of the sight.

There is nothing more in it than the unusualness of the thing.

The unusualness of the incident, and the mysterious manner of the servant, increased our curiosity extraordinarily.

As usual, the force, the unusualness of the conception, rather than its ideal beauty are the points we notice first.

To her I mean constraint, uprooting, exile, that unusualness which throws simple people out of their orbits.