Unutterable [adjective]

Definition of Unutterable:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unutterable:


Sentence/Example of Unutterable:

To his unutterable astonishment Andy rose and stepped between him and the door.

He held out his arms, but, to his unutterable surprise, the girl recoiled from him.

She laid her hand upon it, and in a tone of unutterable tenderness said, 'Man-Steenie!'

She saw a soul laid bare before her in all its unutterable vileness.

But he saw at last to the bottom of them; saw there unutterable sorrow and love.

"You did not want me," said the girl, in a tone of unutterable pain.

Slowly then, smiling with unutterable malice, Marzak lowered his bow.

A look of unutterable concern displacing the happiness on her features.

He told me he was experiencing a feeling of unutterable relief, of vengeful elation.

"You are angry," remarked the official, with an unutterable simplicity of tone and manner.