Unutterably [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Unutterably:

I leaned against the mantel, relieved by his going, but unutterably lonely.

They were unutterably shy of religious expression, and to read was their only chance.

The man was so contemptible; so unutterably low and 257 vile and cowardly.

These heights are incomparably, unutterably beyond vision and union.

At last Andre-Louis began to speak, his voice level and unutterably cold.

And a vast stillness reigns, mournful, ominous, unutterably sad.

The lines he had made that day were unutterably sacred and sweet to him.

His life was unutterably grand, his burial must be on the same scale.

Robespierre was unutterably outraged by the proceedings of the atheists.

It was so unutterably horrible, thinking of what must have happened to her and to others like her!