Unvarnished [adjective]

Definition of Unvarnished:

plain, honest

Synonyms of Unvarnished:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unvarnished:

Sentence/Example of Unvarnished:

The unvarnished fashions of New England honesty grated on his ear.

If there is one thing that I may claim to be above all others, it is ‘unvarnished’.

Neither of these versions, however, is a plain, unvarnished tale.

He had told the unvarnished truth, but she interpreted it in her own way.

This is truth, plain, unvarnished truth, just as the writer has found it.

Go to your father-in-law and tell him the unvarnished truth.

His brow was lighter, when he had heard her unvarnished relation.

The pewing is of a humble character and unvarnished, and the pulpit plain and high.

But I was speaking of the natural, unvarnished woman we all enjoy and are not afraid of.

Their simple, unvarnished tales were like so many nightmares.