Unvoiced [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unvoiced:

The effect of his loud insistence was to increase the unvoiced uneasiness.

There was an unvoiced command to silence that no human sense could understand.

Joyce understood the unvoiced demand that lay behind the obvious one.

She had no feeling other than a great, unvoiced joy in the splendid manhood of it all.

Naxa was aware of it too, stirring in the saddle with unvoiced feelings.

She tried not merely to obey his instructions, but also to discover his unvoiced wishes.

In obedience to an unvoiced bidding, she joined Winston as he passed by.

They may be unvoiced (the Welsh ll is an example) as well as voiced.

What unvoiced supplication, if any, may have been behind the lips of either was not for the other to know.

The unvoiced question ended with a shrug as Lynch, somewhat curt of manner, gave the order to move.