Unwarrantable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unwarrantable:

Permit me to apologize for an unwarrantable intrusion, Mr. Kirkwood.

She knew how unwarrantable, how inexcusable a thing she had done.

He was redoubtable, not in virtue of his office, but because of his unwarrantable assumptions.

You mean that it was a great liberty on my part—an unwarrantable liberty?

He rejected the mere possibility of such an unwarrantable intrusion.

"I object to this unwarrantable cross-examination," said he.

You will pardon my cheek in registering for you; unwarrantable assumption.

“It is a most unwarrantable thing to ask, but I will do it,” replied Miss Gibbs.

Ralegh's transactions with the Frenchmen were unwarrantable, if its view of them were correct.

What rascal is this, who takes the unwarrantable licence of singing and deafening me like this?