Unwashed [adjective]

Definition of Unwashed:


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Sentence/Example of Unwashed:

Unwashed and unshaven, he saunters moodily about, weary and dejected.

I was raked in by that adjective fool with the unwashed face.

The man was unwashed and unfed, and for many nights he had not slept.

Dirty finger-prints were on the hall-windows, flue and rubbish on its unwashed boards.

It lit his unshaven face from his unwashed brow to his chin.

I was unshaven and unwashed, and my heart was faint within me.

They may also enter the human body in a drink of water or on unwashed vegetables.

I answered in the affirmative, and he stretched out an unwashed hand.

Actual tears irrigated the furrows of his weather-beaten and unwashed cheeks.

He is hatless and unwashed and dishevelled, standing in the Blackfriars Road.