Unwatched [adjective]

Definition of Unwatched:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unwatched:

Sentence/Example of Unwatched:

To move, speak and breathe,—go out and come in unwatched, and free from danger!

To be unwatched, to be free, to be little and young, if that pleased one!

So I tell Vauquier she can go away, and I leave her unwatched.

Think of the long, unwatched coast in Gazaland and Tongaland.

Do not think you have been unwatched during the years you have been absent from us.

Into this I receded every now and then, alone and unwatched.

The other three sides of the guardhouse appeared to be unwatched.

Indeed, it was almost as though I were left alone and unwatched of set purpose.

If he could help it he wouldn't leave me for an hour unwatched; nor would he let me lift a hand.

A glance up and down assured him that the house was unwatched.