Unwedded [adjective]

Definition of Unwedded:

not presently wed

Synonyms of Unwedded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unwedded:



Sentence/Example of Unwedded:

It will be observed that I have spoken of Erelieva as the unwedded wife of Theudemir.

The second company was led by noble Eudorus, son to an unwedded woman.

His approaches were a delicious wooing of an unfamiliar, unwedded Anne.

But if he had been childless and unwedded, the result would have been the same.

Near her were seated four virgins, unwedded, crowned with white hair.

The sticks that she carried were cut from a hazel that hung athwart a brook where an unwedded mother had drowned her child.

The unwedded mother of these children was not mentioned and Caterina had never dreamed of their existence.

In this poem of Byron's there is no bride, for the heroine dies heart-broken and unwedded.

The unwedded widow brought her dusky children to the place and spent the remainder of her days near his grave.

Not long after, an unwedded female appeared, and probably tried to supplant the lawful wife.