Unwelcome [adjective]

Definition of Unwelcome:

not wanted, desired

Opposite/Antonyms of Unwelcome:

Sentence/Example of Unwelcome:

She had left these two boys, unwelcome appendages in his sight.

This was the most unwelcome intelligence he could have received.

The task now imposed upon him was a most distasteful and unwelcome one.

With the chill of unwelcome still upon them the officers said little.

And again, the recollection of the signal-whistle heard by Molly was unwelcome.

They were confused, unwelcome thoughts, but she entertained them valiantly.

“Unwelcome—that iss what it must stand for,” she laughed unpleasantly.

He was an unwelcome guest but he hadn't yet gratified Peter's curiosity.

And he had in his mind not wholly recognised yet unwelcome feelings about Esther.

Though the journey has been very pleasant the goal is not unwelcome.