Unwieldy [adjective]

Definition of Unwieldy:

awkward, bulky

Synonyms of Unwieldy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unwieldy:

Sentence/Example of Unwieldy:

Then he could with ease place the huge and unwieldy galleon at his mercy.

His hands, very swollen, with knotted veins, looked enormous and unwieldy.

There was nothing to do but steer the unwieldy craft with the current.

The body has then become too unwieldy for that which animates it.

He was heavy-set and unwieldy, and he wore a wrinkled suit of butternut jeans.

It seemed marvellous how a creature so unwieldy could turn itself so rapidly.

She was very kind and good-humoured but very large and unwieldy.

It was no wonder to me that the captain had not been able to shake off this unwieldy burden.

Robert had recognised the slouching gait and unwieldy form of Henslowe.

His mind was far from clear, and his tongue so unwieldy that he could hardly manage it.