Unwittingly [adverb]

Definition of Unwittingly:


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Sentence/Example of Unwittingly:

It was this battle the progress of which I unwittingly watched.

Cross never knew of the hopes and joys he had unwittingly crushed.

No; but I would not for the world that you should unwittingly run any risks in this place.

Could they have unwittingly wandered into a deserted pest-ship?

I remember one such elderly lady and the shock I unwittingly gave her.

"Since I have intruded so unwittingly, I had best remain to make my apologies," he said.

Unwittingly, unwillingly, Gonzaga saved the situation by that prayer.

Had he not unwittingly contributed to her misery by his unguarded conduct?

He told me that I had unwittingly been to him the cause of great loss.

Astonishment so outran good-breeding that I unwittingly let him perceive it.