Unwomanly [adjective]

Definition of Unwomanly:


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Sentence/Example of Unwomanly:

Because, ungrateful, unwomanly, miserable as you are—I will not rob you or the dead!

What astonishes me most is that a woman should be so unwomanly as to fight for a man in such a way as that.

She had always hated herself for her lack of tears; it was so unwomanly.

These are not the cheerless, crushed, and unwomanly mothers of polygamy.

Do I believe that she is wild, unwomanly, heathenish, as Mrs. Danby says?

Call me unwomanly, bold, wanton if you will, for making this declaration—but I love you!

To justify herself, she began, unwomanly, to weigh the evidence.

"Captain Prescott, I hope you do not think I have been unwomanly," she said.

It would be "unwomanly" in us to suggest such a word as inconsistency.

One might as well be guilty of crime, it appeared, as to be so forward and unwomanly.