Unwonted [adjective]

Definition of Unwonted:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unwonted:


Sentence/Example of Unwonted:

The village hotel throbbed with the pressure of unwonted business.

But the rest of the men slept heavily, seizing the unwonted chance.

In an unwonted mood of expansion he turned to Mali-ya-bwana.

There was a burgeoning within him of strange feelings and unwonted impulses.

(p. 183) As for the fact itself, it is neither new nor unwonted.

Mother noticed my unwonted grandeur when I went in to say good-night to her.

Then she heard her uncle's voice, speaking sharply and with unwonted sternness.

"We do all right," said Philip, amused at her unwonted vanity.

But Rotherby scarce looked at him, and answered with unwonted shortness.

Some fell into unwonted silence, while the gestures of the rest were equally significant.