Unworked [adjective]

Definition of Unworked:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unworked:


Sentence/Example of Unworked:

It is refreshing to find an unworked field all ready for harvesting.

But uncut cloth, and unworked gold and silver do not belong to her.

Here, again, is a fascinating and unworked field for research.

There are unknown, unworked lands where the salt has not lost its savour.

Mineral wealth of almost every description, most of which is yet unworked.

It is a country of ancient silver-mines, unworked for centuries.

By the aid of these a certain amount of work has been done in the subject, but it is still largely an unworked field.

Small buildings dotted the level floor, which Morquil explained were the entrances of the mines, unworked for many years.

By the most happy of chances some rich and unworked coal mines were discovered on the spot.

Unworked shells, lashed to rude handles, served all the purposes as well as if wrought out in the most fanciful manner.