Unworldliness [noun]

Definition of Unworldliness:

harmlessness, naiveté

Opposite/Antonyms of Unworldliness:

Sentence/Example of Unworldliness:

But I stayed where I was, the earthiest worldling in a dress of unworldliness.

The strangeness, the unworldliness of what she had done struck him singularly.

There was a refreshing atmosphere of unworldliness about her.

This unworldliness is elusive, ubiquitous, full of disguise.

One of these was what we may call, for want of a better name, its unworldliness.

This can only be done by the diffusion of unworldliness and unselfishness.

I reasoned in a way that was childish in its simplicity, and yet wise in its unworldliness.

Is it so certain that there is a reward for purity and unworldliness?

It is my innocence and unworldliness that have attracted him, and it is that that must fascinate him.

It is a broad foundation for spiritual-mindedness, for unworldliness.