Unworldly [adjective]

Definition of Unworldly:


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Sentence/Example of Unworldly:

Mother, you are too charitable for this earth—too unworldly altogether.

It looked unreal, a painting of unworldly quiet and desolation.

Those people had been right who had called Sir Denis unworldly.

He evidently thought of me as of one unworldly and unpractical.

She was wholly absorbed in her study of this unworldly and untaught nature.

Evelyn, be warned by me, and never, never marry an unworldly man.

But there was nothing to warn her personally in these unworldly confessions.

You will never convince people that you are unworldly this way.

Neither with the worldly nor the unworldly woman could the ladies do anything.

I am ashamed that for one moment I doubted your innocent, unworldly heart.