Upcoming [adjective]

Definition of Upcoming:

happening soon

Synonyms of Upcoming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Upcoming:

Sentence/Example of Upcoming:

Frank pushed on, his eyes on the lookout for the upcoming of the drowning lad.

But he slipped and fell headlong on the pavement, so that she was able to pant down the stairs to meet the upcoming figure.

Forrester stepped back, grabbed the upcoming foot, and stood straight, lifting the foot and levering it into the air.

Alex's upcoming fate would even be held explicable if seen through this context.

He pressed the button for the elevator; but before the upcoming car reached his floor he decided not to descend.

Seems hed been talking wild about the upcoming presidential election and had sworn hed nip the draft-Cadigan movement in the bud.

During this interval we waited with scouts out for the upcoming of the mountain men.

Absolute quiet prevailed where they stood, save for these upcoming sounds.