Upheld [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Upheld:

Hanging from the poles which upheld the awnings were sausages, chitterlings, and hams.

She had staggered under the weight laid upon her, but she had upheld it.

The supreme Court of Law has, in many decisions, upheld this condition.

That thought has manned me and upheld me when anguish was near to slaying me outright.

They had to be nurtured and upheld, no matter how the contacts of life hit his own skin.

He should have upheld her so that she did not stumble over these pitfalls of the earth.

De Barral had to vanish; the theory was that de Barral had vanished, and it had to be upheld.

There was every reason to believe the Supreme Court would have upheld the statute.

In this opinion the colonies were upheld by the law officers in England.

I have known trials and sorrows not a few, but His presence has upheld me.