Uphill [adjective]

Definition of Uphill:

going up

Synonyms of Uphill:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uphill:

Sentence/Example of Uphill:

There was no match in the country for Peter when it came to a long, uphill chase.

He has no intention of fighting an uphill battle; he keeps the roadway of politics.

It'll be uphill both ways from there an' we can't budge her an inch.

It was uphill work trying to hold out for the remaining 35 runs.

If it was downhill to the city it would be uphill coming back.

Life is an uphill pull for him, and he bears his burdens so cheerfully.

He did not have it all easy, though, and the fight was an uphill one.

Away, away, uphill and downhill they tore as fast as the wind.

All the fashion of Loring dwelt, as a matter of course, at Uphill.

If it is wrongly launched, it will have an uphill climb, whatever its virtues.