Upholder [noun]

Definition of Upholder:

chief support

Synonyms of Upholder:

Opposite/Antonyms of Upholder:


Sentence/Example of Upholder:

Is Plato an upholder of the conventional theory of language, which he acknowledges to be imperfect?

I thought she would be too much a upholder of the men to be the start of anythink like that.

In the next place he was an upholder of the Maccabean pontificate.

His political standpoint had been that of a Tory and an upholder of the monarchy.

I do not call the upholder of the developmental doctrine a believer of this kind.

He saw that France required an upholder of order and of property.

As an upholder of the law he becomes a formalist and a reactionary.

Three years later England had entered the field as an upholder of the Pragmatic Sanction.

He paused, and frowned, conscious that he was making little impression on the upholder of law and order.

Stewart was an upholder of Whig principles, when the Scottish government was in the hands of the staunchest Tories.