Upholding [verb]

Definition of Upholding:

maintain, support

Synonyms of Upholding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Upholding:

Sentence/Example of Upholding:

And what is this system which we are thus protecting and upholding?

But for the upholding of your church and religion, what antiquity can you show?

Upholding the law was the city marshal's business, they said.

But we must do more than think and feel; we must do our part in supporting them and upholding their hands.

With that knowledge uplifting and upholding them, they drew apart.

In this divine "upholding" and human "following" there is no contradiction.

Your faithfulness and courage in upholding it will be remembered for ever.

The old political parties, while upholding it, claim to be national.

"I was upholding the glory of the Gran' Fleet, Sir," was the unabashed answer.

He persevered in the policy of upholding the Turkish Empire.