Upholds [verb]

Definition of Upholds:

maintain, support

Synonyms of Upholds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Upholds:

Sentence/Example of Upholds:

Wise counsels, like those which gave us the Constitution, prevailed to uphold it.

I will uphold the curve of her eyelashes, for it tickleth my very heart-root to think of her.

It seemed as if they stood 'round me, ready to uphold me in what I was doin'.

The only one who walked pretty soberly was the head-master, who had to uphold his dignity.

He may be a Republican, and he must uphold with warmth and conviction Royalist theories.

This is one of our most cherished victories, for it can do much to uphold our authority.

He was a bad Governor, but he was not so bad as the cause he was obliged to uphold.

And I looked, and there was none to help; and I wondered, and there was none to uphold.

To uphold the Crown and beat Black Michael—that was his one resolve.

The minions, appointed to uphold the law, were easily accounted for.