Upholstery [noun]

Definition of Upholstery:


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Sentence/Example of Upholstery:

Both are very ancient, sadly in need of upholstery, and jerky of locomotion.

The very chairs were of an architecture and upholstery incongruous to them.

Even the upholstery of chairs and the lounge had been ripped.

Upholstery and the outlay of human capital, could do no more.

But his arms and legs refused to move away from the upholstery.

There was no ornament, no upholstery, no superfluity at all.

What more easy, what more delightful, than the description of upholstery?

The arts of upholstery and cookery had not been brought to bear in either case.

Light, delicate colors in upholstery, creamy madras for curtains.

Joachim would arrive with the upholstery a day in advance of Mary.