Uppercut [noun]

Definition of Uppercut:

hard hit

Synonyms of Uppercut:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uppercut:

Sentence/Example of Uppercut:

He then dashed in and uppercut his opponent severely on the occiput.

Bertram jerked his right hand up from his hip to illustrate the uppercut.

And it was in this second that Denby uppercut him so that he fell with a thud to the floor.

The latter met him with an uppercut that shook him from head to foot.

One, at least, of his eyes were closed, and I had just given him an uppercut on the nose.

His uppercut caught the big fellow flush on the jaw, and staggered him.

"It's called an uppercut," he shouted to the amazement of the other passengers.

One went to the floor with an uppercut under the chin; but came back.

He caught Chalmers' arm as it was traveling back for an uppercut, and held it.

Instinctively Joe ducked, and with an uppercut that was more forceful than he intended he caught the pitcher on the jaw.