Uppermost [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Uppermost:

All his affection for his erring brother was uppermost, all his sympathy and pity.

We avoided the things which were uppermost in the thoughts of us both.

But did God see my boy's name lying the uppermost one in the wheel?

It would have been hard to say what feeling was uppermost with him at the moment.

The baser instincts of the game appealed to the uppermost sides of their natures.

But uppermost leapt the anxieties concerning the image of St. Sebastian.

Kenneth, who was uppermost, clung purposefully to the parson's throat.

In these cases the uppermost is apt to grow, and then the branch is said to be extra-axillary.

It is doubtful as to what feeling was uppermost in her motherly bosom.

The lynx was uppermost, and she made a vicious snap at the boy's face.