Uppish [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Uppish:

It is a great mistake to make so much of them; they get uppish.

We were not so uppish about what sort of hotel we would have, next time we went to Datchet.

But of the uppish ones there was one officer in particular I could not endure.

He's an uppish chap, but he's a leader with the upper classmen.

If you weren't so uppish at times, there would now be less of a set against you.'

He is a guest here with us and I can see no sense in your being so uppish.

It don't do gals no good to be too book-l'arned—jes' meks 'em uppish an' no-'count.

How could he be humble to that uppish, vainglorious tune, that toreador pomposity?

An' she was so composed an' calm, so weel-bred withoot bein' uppish!

He has grown so uppish now that sometimes I have to remind him of his origin—have not I, Minky?'